Version 1.2.0

Last time, I promised a content update, didn't I?

Well, here it is.

Version 1.2 is the second major update to The Lightkeeper, with huge improvements.

Graphical overhaul

Ever heard of "programmer's art"? Art made by a technical mind, that is often serviceable but... kind of bad? When I originally drew the sprites and tiles for The Lightkeeper, I tried my best to avoid that look. Turns out, with more practice (and more tutorials), my best can be better.

So I redrew a lot of tiles.

Can you recognize the house? Or the main hub? Did you know that building at the start was supposed to be the lighthouse? Now it looks like one!

But I didn't stop here.
I still have a lot to learn about animation, so I practiced a few tricks.
When I redrew the surface's background, I decided to try my hand at parallax scrolling:

Considering a sizable portion of the game takes place underwater, I had to add a ripple effect:

And, just for fun, lava, and what happens when you get burn:

As you can see, the game is much more polished now!

Welcome to the forest

But I promised a content update, so I also added a new area to the game:

Remember that green zone?


It's because it's brand new.

Welcome to the forest. Even though it's not underground, this place is as dangerous and alien as the rest of the game. It is endgame content, so expect some challenge and additional lore, this time focused on the previous lightkeepers.

It serves as the "official" entrance to the buried temple, and connects to the back of the house. But if you start digging, you may discover a secret place, a burial ground home to...

... a new boss fight!

It brings the total number of unique bosses in the game to six. A good number, if you ask me.

The game is complete

Just like the worldmap is now shaped like a circle, I feel like this update shed light on the last big aspect of the story and thus completes the game.

The Lightkeeper may receive smaller updates in the future, but probably no new areas.

It's time for me to go back to the drawing board, and dream a new game.

Thank you for following me on this journey. I hope you will enjoy this update!

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Version 10 Apr 09, 2019

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Can't find the secret area. I did manage to get myself stuck outside of the map area. If you go to the upper right corner of the upper square green room it is possible to jump up from there off the screen up and to the right and you end up outside the map in a 2 room empty space right above the large green rectangle room.

Did you find the cave with the tombstones? (It's only a secret place lore-wise, in-game it's pretty easy to find. But this place does have a secret.)

Thanks for reporting me that bug. I reproduced it, and I will be able to fix it for the next version. (If you restart the game, you will be sent back to your last save point, so you should not be stuck forever.)

Oh I got it. The boss fight wasn't triggered the first time I was there. I think I know why but I don't want to leave any spoilers. I look forward to seeing whatever you do next.