Version 1.1.1

A new version is live!

What's new, you ask?

First, I added a summary of the controls. It can be accessed in-game by reading the instructions, or at any time trough the pause menu. It's useful because the gamepad controls were never listed before.

However, you can't change the controls... yet. Custom button mapping is something I would like to add in the future.

Second, I improved the graphics a bit. The more drastic change is that some objects now emit light. It's a subtle effect, but it adds a lot to the mood of the game. Notice the candles in the following screenshot:

Or around some enemies:

I also animated the morphball (finally!) and added a visual indicator when your health is critical.

The next update will probably be more content-oriented. See you then!

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Version 9 Mar 09, 2019

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Great work :)

Are there any chance to see a Linux build in the future?

Thanks! :)
I'm not sure about a Linux build. It's possible, I guess, but it would be a lot of work, and if my previous games are any indication, the vast majority of people download the Windows build anyway. And then when I update the game, I would also need to build and test on multiple platforms... To be honest, I would rather spend my energy on new content or altogether new games. But then again, who knows. It may happen some day. :)

That's okay, I understand ! By the way, which engine/framework do you use for this project ?

I have a small custom platform layer built in C on top of SDL2 and OpenGL. Then it's all .NET with a custom ECS system. Nothing fancy, but it works very well for me. :)