Version 1.1.0

I'm excited to share with you the first major update for The Lightkeeper!

When I first published the game, I said it was kind of an early-access release. Well, not anymore!

Let's see what changed.

Sound Design

The first thing you will notice when firing up the game is the music. While the game is still mostly silent (except for ambient sounds), a few music tracks have appeared here and there. I have to thank Juhani Junkala for those great public domain tracks.

The sound mixing is also a lot better, with less distortion. I added many sound effects, ranging from footsteps to enemies' grunt, etc. It really improves the feeling of the gameplay.

Better UI

The save files menu has received a complete overhaul. It's easier to see your progress. Also, you can now delete your save files.

New content !

And last but not least, I added a bit of new content.

When defeated, bosses will now drop items called 'trophies'. They have no practical use, but offer a bit of lore.

Speaking of lore, I've added more books and a brand new NPC, to help flesh out the story.

All this new information you can gather will ultimately lead you to a brand-new boss fight!

It's fully optional, but reveals another side of the story.

So... what's next?

More improvements!

And more content. While the main path through the game will remain the same, I think I will add new optional zones. I have a few idea for new power-ups, and enemies. Maybe I could add an alternate ending -- and alternate final boss-fight -- for those who finish this new content? Time will tell.

Enjoy this update, and stay tuned! ;)

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Version 6 Mar 03, 2019

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