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The Trespasser is an action-adventure platformer inspired by the Metroid, Castlevania and Dark Souls series.


Your jogging session ended up with you lost in the woods, at night, with no way home. After a terrifying encounter, you're invested with superhuman strength. But so are the local folks, who abandoned their humanity long ago, and now they're out for your blood.

Set in the same universe as The Lightkeeper, the story is told through unsettling NPC encounters, item descriptions, and environmental clues. It's up to you to piece together what happened here and how to get out.


In true Metroidvania fashion, you explore the large environment looking for upgrades that will unlock new paths, while fighting a diverse cast of enemies.

Additional weapons, suits and accessories allow you to experiment with different playstyles and strategies.

And keep an eye out for secrets! ;)

And if you liked the game, please consider rating it and leaving a comment. It means a lot to me, as a solo developer working on my spare time, and it helps others find the game too. ;)

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Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
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GenreAction, Platformer
Made withSDL
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Exploration, Horror, Lovecraftian Horror, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Side Scroller, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


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Amazing. I really loved it - honestly more than any Castlevania games. Nothing but gratitude!

Feature request for an update or future games (unless I missed it) - would love a late game upgrade that will mark rooms on the map or areas where you have missing items. Would really help the completionist end-game run :)

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Loved The Lightkeeper! Will be playing this more later on today!

One thing I notice is in key binding, there are not many keys allowed
as well as the movement is not allowed to be binded.
I usually play with WASD keys for movement and /., for jump, attack,
etc. and usually have TAB as map. I can not bind any of those keys.
I'm using WINE under Ubuntu to play and I wrote a Linux script that
takes care of all this and remaps to those keys, then changes back
when the game exits but it would be nice if better key bindings could
be put in future versions. 8)

Other than that, I'm looking forward to enjoying this as much as I
enjoyed The Lightkeeper! 8)

P.S. - I have a PS3 controller that works via bluetooth but I prefer
to play Metroidvanias/Platformers with keyboard, for me, it gives
far better control than with a controller. I think all PC games should
have key binding that allow for the full keyboard to be binded as well
as movement in order to please those of us who prefer keyboard
and have our own layouts with which we've become familiar. 8)

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The game does not work on my laptop which is older, but should
easily be able to play such a game. The laptop is a VOSTRO 2510
with an NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS. I believe I read below
where you told another user the game requires OpenGL 4.0?

My laptop is OpenGL v3.3.0 which is able to do many games of
this kind. Is it possible you can lower the requirements to 3.0?
4.0 seems a bit steep for this type of 2D game.
It would surely bring on a lot more users.
I have a GTX 1060 on my main system that the game plays fine
on but I like to play in bed on my laptop.

The laptop plays many games that appear more graphically
demanding, such as: Axiom Verge 2, WII Emulator Dolphin,
Chasm, Steamworld Dig 2, Skellboy, Alwa's Awakening & Alwa's
Legacy and many others. I understand it's all really about what
you use to program it with but is there any way you could
possibly make a build with lower requirements that don't use
OGL 4.0 features or just allow the game to run no matter what
version of OGL the user has and put in the ability to turn off
lighting and other effects in the menus?

I really loved The Lighthouse which ran fine on my laptop and am
looking forward to going through this game. Thanks!


Sorry, but The Trepasser requires at least OpenGL 4.0 Core Profile, which has been out for 12 years now. Going back to OpenGL 3.3 is not an option: all my post-2020 games use the same engine, whether 2D or 3D, and are built upon "modern" rendering features (we're still talking a decade old here). OpenGL 4.0 is the best compromise I can do, and if I were to rewrite this part, it would be to switch to Vulkan anyway. I'm a lone developer working on my spare time to create free games, it's a bit unreasonable to expect me to support 15 years old hardware.

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Many modern games work great on my laptop. The new Shovel Knight Dig and many other brand new games that are just released
all work fine. I could understand if the game required more advanced features but there are games that are far more graphically demanding that work fine.
Some programmers are always upgrading to the latest engines even if the game
doesn't need it, forcing upgrades that aren't necessary.
I understand the desire to want to learn the latest and greatest but it's a shame
when done on a game where it shouldn't be needed. I really loved The Lighthouse.
Tresspasser's control seems way more clunky than Lighthouse's on my big system
also, which is a GTX 1060 6GB with 16 GIGS ram and an i5 quad core.
Part of what I loved about Lighthouse was the speed and the control.
Is this just because this is still an early alpha/beta version?
Trespasser just doesn't seem as polished, smooth or fast as Lighthouse.
I love the fact it's in the same world though! 8)
I love my old laptop and am one of those people who really think most hardware
today is totally overkill, especially for the kind of games I like which are mainly 2D.
Even in 2022 I'm still able to run most of the stuff I want.
I'm against the idea that we need to just keep buying and buying new hardware
just because it's "old". Like people who keep buying new phones, etc. I don't get it.
I understand for playing big modern 3D games but I really don't like many of
those and my big system is for the few of those that I play but what I really like
are the Axiom Verge 1&2, Lighthouse, Alwa's Legacy/Adventure type 2D
Metroidvanias that my laptop can easily handle.


Many modern indie games could theoretically run on a PS2, but everyone understand why they target the PS4 instead. The same reasons apply here. Supporting a platform is a lot of work, supporting multiple ones even more, and as the oldest ones become less and less common, they are phased-out. The latest Steam Survey mentions that 91% of players have a DX12/Vulkan GPU, and I'm not even requiring that (yet). Again, I offer the result of years of effort free of charge, so I get to decide where I stop.

Now, there is indeed one last update planned for The Trespasser, that will add new content and some polish (mostly to the graphics, but to the controls too). I don't think it will change anything for you, though. The Lightkeeper is inspired by Metroid, but The Trespasser plays a lot more like a Castlevania game. As a melee-focused game, it's meant to be slower and more deliberate. I welcome more specific feedback, but the slower pace is by design (and I encourage the use of a gamepad, as it's more complex to control than The Lightkeeper).

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I don't understand why you're mentioning consoles unless you plan on releasing this on consoles?
In that case then it wouldn't be a free project anymore and you should want to
satisfy the most people. I would have paid for The Lightkeeper, it's that good. 8)
I don't think making a game require extra hardware makes sense at all if it
doesn't actually need it. New hardware can always run old things but old hardware
can't run new things. If you want the game in front of as many people as possible,
then it makes the most sense to have it run on the largest variety of hardware,
from a PC perspective. Of course with consoles you write for what is out.
The specifics of the control issues in Lightkeeper vs. Trespasser should be obvious.
The control in Trespasser is clunky, Lightkeeper's is very responsive and fast.
That's not the same as the game being slower paced, it's the control
responsiveness, hit boxing, movement, etc. It's very glitchy.
Maybe you were more used to the older language that you coded Lightkeeper
in and Trespasser simply doesn't run as smooth because you haven't learned to
tweak things to be as smooth as in the old language yet?
I understand wanting to learn new languages and I understand this is free, it's your
personal project and you can do whatever you want. Absolutely.
But the things I am noticing are there, nevertheless.
I'm a musician and sometimes when I get a new instrument, I think everything
sounds great just because it's new. It takes a while for the newness to wear off
before I'm able to objectively judge things and get to know it as well as I knew
the older hardware and become as picky, critical and fluent as I was with it.
The same goes for consoles, etc. 1st generation games are seldom as good as
the games that get made years later as people get to know the hardware and
really start pushing it to it's limits. The same with new languages, etc.
Sometimes everything we do on something "new" can appear great because it's
shiny and the newness factor hasn't worn off yet, or you work to overcome an
obstacle and once you finally get it, you're so happy you aren't looking at things
objectively from a 3rd person perspective.
I hope you don't take me wrong, I think you have a ton of skill and I absolutely
loved The Lightkeeper, but all of the reasons why I loved it are gone in this one.
This just seems unpolished and glitchy, I assume this is due to the new

Also, regardless of whether it is "preferable" to use a controller or not, some
people prefer keyboard and rock on keyboard better than controller.
What is the point in having keyboard support at all then if you don't want
people to use it? And if you offer the option, why not let us rebind all keys?
Not everyone plays the same way.
Key rebinding should allow every key to be rebinded, it isn't hard to do, I don't know what the big deal would be and why there should be a problem with not
limiting the keys allowed to be binded to?
In most languages, there are different methods you can use to grab keyboard
input at a lower hardware level (like look at keyboard interrupt memory location
to check if key is pressed rather than use scanf, etc). Switching to a method like
that is an easy solution.

Ah, I remember playing Dreamnoid's other game, The Lightkeeper, and I loved it. I've downloaded this game right now and haven't started playing it yet, but I know this will make for a fun night.

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nice game, even though I am at the zombie house and the potion throwing witches keep kicking my butt. like no matter where you stand you get hit and take 2 damage each time (you only have 3, max 4 health at this point!)

Hey, I played the game a bit further, nice game!
could you give me please a short pointer though as I am unsure what to do now:
i got the bat wings, the grate dash thing and the cat eyes.
so in those 3 regions I am pretty sure that I have seen everything.
the only left place seem to require me to either dive or crawl which I both cant yet.

I also collected all the weird items I could find along the way, with no idea what any of them are even used for (except  single one which got used 30 seconds after finding)

can you give me a general pointer to the next direction I should go? :-)

Nevermind, should have used ESC button way sooner -.-
Now I know where to go :-)


Now that you have the dash, did you find your way inside the house with a chest? The item inside is the key to your progress. If you wear it, you may be granted access someplace you were previously barred from.

Hope it helps! If you're still stuck, don't hesitate to ask me again, I will be less cryptic ;)

have played it a bit further and defeated the final boss.
however I am still lacking stuff:
the consumables screen only has the (3) blood vials, other 2 spots are empty
also missing last ring
and, most annoyingly, I got 9 of 10 eggs.
so there somewhere wehere I have already run past a few times there msut still be a single egg waiting.
gotta revisit literally everything I guess.

there doesnt happen to exist a full map with egg locations or such? :-)

After some travelling  I got the missing egg and the final ring.

now I am currently still missing the 2 things listed under the blood vial and 2 life gems also must be somewhere (currently have 10 of 12)

there aint a map with item locations, is there? :-)


I haven't made such a map yet, but I probably could. I don't know when I will have the time to do it though. Probably not before Friday.

If memory serves, the two consumables left are the Cyanide Pills and the Waystone. The later is found in the Burial Grounds, but I'm not sure you can still get the Pills after the Cat's Eyes (as it would be pretty useless by then). I should probably change that, purely for the sense of completion :)

(1 edit) (+1)

I made a map!
It's not 100% exhaustive, as it doesn't place the items given to you by NPCs, but it has all the Eggs and Lifegems:

Hope it helps! ;)

Full size version: https://img.itch.zone/aW1nLzg3NzgzOTYucG5n/original/lyOqrH.png

Cool, thanks a loit for the map!
just for the record: where would one find those cyanide pills normally?
couldnt see anything having the right shape in the map, so is it given by some npc or such? :-)

just tried it in a new save file, you can only get the cyanide pills if you cant see in the dark yet.
after that, the guy wont give it to you anymore :-(

It's so great!