Silent Paradise is out!

Surprise! A new game!

I've always tried to release one new game every year, but never before did I manage to release two in a single year! Granted, it happens right at the end of 2023, but coming after Hotel Demonica in September, Silent Paradise breaks a new record.

This little Christmas miracle was made possible by the Metroidvania Month 22 game jam that forced me to constantly move forward and not second guess myself. Of course, I couldn't have achieved such a big and polished game in a month without the past experience gained from making The Lightkeeper and The Trespasser. Seeing that experience pay off was lovely and I had a blast making that game. I can't wait to share the development process with you, as it was probably the smoothest I've ever experienced.

So what's Silent Paradise? It's a 2D metroidvania where you explore an abandoned submerged city, looking for the missing inhabitants. The station is flooding and you will need to find upgrades to make your way through the damaged sectors and fend off the security drones that target you.

As I said, it's a pretty big game for a jam. Silent Paradise features 8 sections to explore, 7 movement abilities to unlock, more than 20 items to find and as many codex entries that together tell the story of this doomed station. Plus a dozen enemies and two bosses to defeat!

It's also quite polished in this first version, but a month is still a very short timeframe and I have a few improvements planned for the future.

So here we are. I hope you will enjoy this unexpected Christmas present and I wish you a happy new year! Look forward to 2024 ;)


Silent Paradise 9 MB
Dec 15, 2023

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christmas came early!