Silent Paradise version 1.0.2


Another update for Silent Paradise.

So what's changed since the previous version?

The biggest addition is probably that you can now fire upward! It's a new tool in your arsenal that should make a few encounters a bit easier!

  • Added aiming upward

  • Pressing the jump button from the crouched position now jumps instead of simply rising up

  • Fixed the health and missiles drop rate (the previous tweak did nothing!)

  • Fixed full screen display when the screen aspect ratio doesn't match the game (eg: on SteamDeck)

  • Removed damages from the player's own missiles and bombs

  • Fleshed out a few "puzzles"

  • Added secrets! Let see if you folks can find them all and reach 104% completion ;)

That's it for today.

I'm still working on the post-jam postmortem. It's a big one, but full of information on the development of the game.

And of course, more updates are planned in the future, so stay tuned!


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aiming up was my only feedback on an otherwise spotless game (imo)