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Tower of Ordal is a dungeon crawler where you explore a labyrinth, look for treasures and fight monsters. Climb the 16 floors of the tower and defeat the many bosses standing in your way!


10 years ago, I made a small, fast-paced dungeon-crawler RPG for Windows Phone 7. Of course, the Windows Phone platform is long gone now. It always bothered me that my game was gone with it. So I finally took the time to port it to PC, and while I'm at it, why not improve it a bit?

Please, keep in mind that despite the improvements it's still a decade-old game made for smartphones. It's not long, complex or deep, the story is minimal and it works best in short bursts. But hopefully it's still fun! ;)


For french-speaking people, I wrote a postmortem a few years back: Tower of Ordal, ou la création d’un RPG (Postmortem)


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