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Legends of Aereven: Lunar Wake is an action-adventure game inspired by Zelda.

The people of Falern have a tradition: young adults desirous to leave the island must first complete a wake at the Lunar Temple. But it's been years since anyone reached the temple, and these days terrible storms plague the ocean. Leaving is not an option. And yet, here comes young Lloyd, dreaming of adventure and itching to follow in the footsteps of his missing parents. Monsters, puzzles and dungeons await!

If The Lightkeeper was my tribute to Metroid, this game is a love letter to classic 2D Zelda, especially the GameBoy episodes like Link's Awakening. Many traditional items and enemies make an appearance as you explore the overworld or the dungeons. The quest is complete, with 2 to 3 hours of gameplay, but updates and improvements may come later, so stay tuned!

I hope you will enjoy it. Let me know in the comments!


Legends of Aereven: Lunar Wake (Windows) 16 MB
Version 7 Nov 11, 2020

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Great game, although the difficulty is a little hard. I completed the main game and am currently stuck on defeating the kraken, Its health pool just seems way too large, and I used all of my potions to try to beat it. After trying for a little bit I somehow gliched the game and the bottom door disappeared permanently. I was able to read the book and get the heart piece but the npc still says go get information. I am curious if the trigger to continue is reading the book or killing the kraken. Anyways great game, my only suggestion would be to change the combat challenge in the lunar temple as the 4 monster just seem impossible to beat with only your sword.

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Glad you're enjoying the game! :)

Indeed, you still have to kill the Kraken to progress. (I would be very interested to know how you glitched the door, if you remember the steps ;) )

When you say the combat challenge in the Lunar Temple is too tough, do you mean this room?

If you didn't already, I encourage you to complete the graveyard ghost's quest to get a better sword. It will help a lot for the Kraken and the incoming challenges.

Good luck! :)

Im missing a key in the pirate ship thingy, i dont think i can progress without it :/

The only Small Key found in the Pirate Ship is used to backtrack to the entrance after completing the dungeon. You should always be able to get it. If not, you can also go back to the title screen through the menu & reload your save to be placed right back at the entrance, or, if you have it, use the Traveler's Amulet to go anywhere you want.

hey!i really liked this game,and started to speedrun it,a really fun game :)

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! I will be curious to know what your best time is ;)

I just played through this, and it's quite an enjoyable Zelda-like experience.  I'm a big Zelda fan, and as much as I love the 3D games, I do miss some of the more straightforward 2D experiences.  I managed to find everything in the game except for one heart piece and one gear (and the reward for finding all of the gears).

Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Cool! I finished "wake" but one item(something like elixir) stay hidden and i have a lot of ancient gears (=

I think may be i missed pirate lair (or is it on image and i missed someting else?) Please give me a hint...


You're standing right next to the Pirate's Lair on this image, yes.

Ancient Gears can be traded to the artificer for something cool ;)

Ehh i get last two items too late... Be cool if you make some post update as in the light keeper! (as i remember, some items added later and i replay two or thee times...)


That's something I would like to do, yes.  Though I don't yet know what shape it will take. Working on it ;)

Hey, I'm a new game developer and just got into itch.io. Could you tell me how you were able to make your game as a download. The only thing I know how to upload is by browser. Thanks in advance!

Welcome to itch! I use butler to publish builds of my games to itch.io: https://itch.io/docs/butler/

It's really handy! First I have a script to copy the final version of my game's files (the .exe, .dll, the content archives, etc) to a folder, then I have a second script that butler push that folder to itch, and that's it!

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Hey, I just started playing and it seems like pretty good game, but i found serious bug. When I was walking on the bottom of the screen (from left to right) and changed the scene, it turned out that I could walk on the walls. It happened on the location from the screenshot.

Besides, the game seems fun and I will definitely finish it later.

Thanks for letting me know! I have fixed the bug ;)

Hope you will enjoy the game!

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Unfortunately it seems that i stuck. The chest didn't give me a hookshot. Is it because I still have Vial of Mercury in my inventory? The NPC gives you mercury even after the artificer's mission is over, which is why I still have it.

I can see that the save game is in the appdata folder. If the lack of a hookshot is a bug, please tell me how to edit the save game so I can finish it.

Interestingly, the hookshot is displayed on the save screen in the menu.

The hookshot occupies the same spot as the mercury vial in the inventory. So you do have the hookshot, but it's hidden by the second vial you're not supposed to have.

(I just fixed that bug, thanks again for letting me know!)

You can indeed edit the save file to remove the second vial. First, make sure to exit the game. Then open "save1.json" with a text editor. When you see


replaces it with


That should do the trick. The extra vial will be gone, and the hookshot will reappear in the inventory.

Sorry for the inconvenience! But thanks for reporting these bugs to me, it's really useful ;)

Ok, i beaten the game and it was fun. However, I found another bug. On the level from screenshot, if you put out the torches with sword and switch screens, blue stone will reappear and it will mess up collisions again.