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Really neat game, just finished it.
That secret boss sure took a while to beat :-)

Just went back and after a bit of searching to find him again (I had forgotten about the dude until today), I beat the final forth guardian.
He sure gave me a nice spell there :-)
Now there probably really is nothing left for me to do in this game :-(


If you've defeated both Mirror and the Reaper, then yes, you have finished the game 100%. ;)
Also, if you liked my games, please consider rating them to help get them in front of more players :)


For its minimalist design, this game is surprisingly fun. The fight encounters can be fun, with some more challenging enemies which would require good decision making and strategies to overcome, with optional areas in the game world. If you're a fan of games with turn-based combat and rpg elements, it's recommended to check out this one.