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Ah, I remember playing Dreamnoid's other game, The Lightkeeper, and I loved it. I've downloaded this game right now and haven't started playing it yet, but I know this will make for a fun night.

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nice game, even though I am at the zombie house and the potion throwing witches keep kicking my butt. like no matter where you stand you get hit and take 2 damage each time (you only have 3, max 4 health at this point!)

Hey, I played the game a bit further, nice game!
could you give me please a short pointer though as I am unsure what to do now:
i got the bat wings, the grate dash thing and the cat eyes.
so in those 3 regions I am pretty sure that I have seen everything.
the only left place seem to require me to either dive or crawl which I both cant yet.

I also collected all the weird items I could find along the way, with no idea what any of them are even used for (except  single one which got used 30 seconds after finding)

can you give me a general pointer to the next direction I should go? :-)

Nevermind, should have used ESC button way sooner -.-
Now I know where to go :-)


Now that you have the dash, did you find your way inside the house with a chest? The item inside is the key to your progress. If you wear it, you may be granted access someplace you were previously barred from.

Hope it helps! If you're still stuck, don't hesitate to ask me again, I will be less cryptic ;)

have played it a bit further and defeated the final boss.
however I am still lacking stuff:
the consumables screen only has the (3) blood vials, other 2 spots are empty
also missing last ring
and, most annoyingly, I got 9 of 10 eggs.
so there somewhere wehere I have already run past a few times there msut still be a single egg waiting.
gotta revisit literally everything I guess.

there doesnt happen to exist a full map with egg locations or such? :-)

After some travelling  I got the missing egg and the final ring.

now I am currently still missing the 2 things listed under the blood vial and 2 life gems also must be somewhere (currently have 10 of 12)

there aint a map with item locations, is there? :-)


I haven't made such a map yet, but I probably could. I don't know when I will have the time to do it though. Probably not before Friday.

If memory serves, the two consumables left are the Cyanide Pills and the Waystone. The later is found in the Burial Grounds, but I'm not sure you can still get the Pills after the Cat's Eyes (as it would be pretty useless by then). I should probably change that, purely for the sense of completion :)

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I made a map!
It's not 100% exhaustive, as it doesn't place the items given to you by NPCs, but it has all the Eggs and Lifegems:

Hope it helps! ;)

Full size version:

Cool, thanks a loit for the map!
just for the record: where would one find those cyanide pills normally?
couldnt see anything having the right shape in the map, so is it given by some npc or such? :-)

just tried it in a new save file, you can only get the cyanide pills if you cant see in the dark yet.
after that, the guy wont give it to you anymore :-(

It's so great!