A downloadable visual novel for Windows and macOS

Strolling in the woods, looking for the courage to exert a major life change, a man realizes the path has become an infinite loop.
Trapped, his fellow prisoners are a wild younger girl and a cautious older lady. As they work together to find a way out, it becomes clear that the looping path is far from the strangest mystery surrounding them.

25Prism is a free visual novel with branching paths and multiple endings. It's both romance and mystery, a story about our ever-changing identity.

Tips: you can access the in-game menu with a right-click, toggle fast forward with the Tab key and rewind with the mouse's wheel.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withLÖVE
Tags2D, Anime, LÖVE, Mouse only, Multiple Endings, Mystery, Romance, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours


25Prism for Windows 46 MB
25Prism for Mac OS X 53 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the archive and either double-click "25Prism.exe" (for Windows) or drag-and-drop "25prism.app" to your applications folder (Mac OS X)


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Hi! I want to say, that I absolutely loved the game. But I didn't quite undrestand the last ending. What really happend to them? 

I'm glad you liked it! :D

For the last ending, if you're talking about the "Shards" ending, here is a quick explanation (full of spoilers, of course): https://pastebin.com/raw/0ZaVEA9J

Thank you very much! Spoilers are OK, because I've finished the game getting every one of the endings.

Deleted post

You can find a check list in the game itself, from the title screen.